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Summer Sale!

New #player-reports section in our Discord! From now on, you can easily report players using our @ModMail bot instead of having to log-in into the forums and create a new thread!
In other News:
-As players suggested, we changed the rewards for voting from 1 Common Treasure to 1000 HHG Tokens per 3 votes. Monthly Rank-ups remain the same.
-TRIPLED Kit PvP Killstreaks coins and exp rewards permanently in order to give a further reward to skilled PvPers who can achieve higher killstreaks before perishing. -
-Changed the Black Market trades at SkyBlock Market so Zombie and Skeleton eggs are no longer needed since those are harder to get
-Leaves no longer decay at the Creative Server
-Summer Sale! For limited time only, get a 30% OFF in EVERYTHING at our store! Happy Summer!
Also, welcome Kit230 to the HHG Staff Team !


~ Happy-Hg Staff Team