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Important New System

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Have you recently been muted by CONSOLE? If you have well, let me explain. The reason CONSOLE is muting you is because we have implemented a new system that ensures the well-being of the community. It currently abolishes a majority of profanity, spam, and advertising. (Of course, there are bypasses or glitches, we have staff and player reports for this very reason!)

This is still being worked on and more is being added on daily. CONSOLE has been doing a fantastic job keeping everyone safe with a huge decrease in profanity. But, it's not all joyful. Sometimes you may say a word that you do not notice has a swear in it, or you get randomly muted from a word that does not even have a swear! Well, assist us! We have received several reports of issues with it, but no one has provided valid proof to assist us.

What proof do you need, Chris?
  1. We need the last message(s) you sent, which can be found by clicking your CHAT button and the up arrow to find your last, or latest, message(s)..
  2. A screenshot of the mute broadcast. We know the broadcast may be displayed a couple of times, this is minor and will be fixed eventually.
  3. Your in-game name.
  4. More will be added on by Zainos if needed
> Here is the required template for assistance.
  • In Game Name:
  • Your last message(s):
  • The mute broadcast:
Please keep in mind. This is not for ban/mute disputes. This is for assistance. We do not want to see you trying to make a ban dispute. Only show us the requirements. If you believe you were wrongfully muted or banned please check our ban dispute section here
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  • In Game Name: Unitus
  • Your last message(s): I put in chat a link for a thread in the forums and got muted xD, Picture: http://imgur.com/LfXZJwu
  • The mute broadcast: Advertising
  • I think the CONSOLE shouldn't mute players for putting HHG forum links, hope it gets fixed soon! :)
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In Game Name: aesome_crafter

Your last message(s) I put 'fake' in the chat:

The Mute Broadcast: Profanity


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I don't have a picture of it, but i have been muted 3 times today. Once for saying "please don't spam the dots". The other two were because I have my chat key bound to t and when i accidentally start typing it mutes me. o/


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In Game Name: CodeHerobrine
I was having fun with some people I might of spammed if so I'm sorry but I was muted for saying 12345678910 :p


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My IGN: Fr3nch_Cat
My last message and the mute broadcast are shown:

And sorry if that was considered spam, there was someone who wanted help with color code


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So I made a type with the word "sec" like in "one sec" and I got muted for 10 mins... Will I get in trouble for that? Cause it was a typo :'(


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  • In Game Name: SuperNovaGaming
  • Your last message + broadcast

  • It was just a gyazo of my screen, some guy thought I was hacking :/
  • Edit: I'm unmuted?



- Muted for Advertising.

-This is what I wrote. &5 &lTip!> &6 &l If you are annoyed by a level and are about to rage, listen to calm music.Gl <3


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-Muted for Advertising
-I said "Destinys Shiver is too big"


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Soz I have no pic bcuz com is not very good with internet!! So a min ago i was muted for advrtizing wen i said im shivering irl. At scbb, tas y i stopped talking
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