1. Z

    When You Don't Report a Player

    Just to be clear, I'm not a staff member, this is not any sort of dispute, everything is from experience, I simply don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did~ Also I know I posted this in General Discussion when there really is nothing to discuss about, but yeah.. People break rules...
  2. Z

    Quartzy's Story On Dis Server

    People had been doing this but I realized that I never did it o_O ikr anyways here it is xD I did a Minecraft story but it wasn't really about HHG so. . . Well my Minecraft life is basically HHG but whatever, this one is kinda different xD So my sis found the server through Audrey from Radio JH...
  3. Z

    Lyfe Is So Hard [Kinda need a bit of help]

    This is quite of a long story but.. Here's the story as short as possible...: I honestly have no idea what happened, but since like a week ago, I've been feeling "sad", I never smile/laugh anymore unless someone is being very funny, but then I put on a serious face asap, which is very weird...
  4. AppleGlacier

    My Story As Well

    As Viperstrike and XV_Scorpion_VX did I decided to share my story. Mine is different from what they went through but I know many people have or are dealing with this. So my story begins when I was young and didn’t know the consequences of my actions. It started through some bad influence by my...