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    Should probably have done this a long time ago. I should have known nothing would have worked. Most of my friends were right in this case. I'm done. The level of toxicity and immaturity on here is mind blowing. It's sad and sickening at the same time to see it this way. I should have left with...
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    Creative Peacekeeper access to VIP world

    I was thinking that Peacekeeper should also be allowed to access VIP world not just MJ and Capitol. Seems a little unbalanced as right as you move to MJ from Capital you also get access to Admins world. Also peacekeeper is a decently expensive rank of 35$ and there is four other ranks below it...
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    New bed and my own room! :D

    Assembled my bed today and finally have my own room after years. Also men, I'm sorry but... I had to read the instruction manual... I'm sorry OK! ;-; The room is getting painted next week and flooring in about a month. (Btw getting a new blanket that's too large. That's why it is wrinkled. :P
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    These are my thoughts and what I have been thinking about for a while. Please don't comment anything hurtful or offensive. Lately a lot of things have been on my mind, I see so many of my friends hurting, some even pulling each other apart. People keep rejecting, leaving, and shattering each...
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    Role Play

    (This ISN'T the rps that are on the server. This will be on a separate map and there will be a long storyline to this. and will take a long time.) Hey everyone, since I am sick (which sucks) gave me plenty of time to think. Was thinking of doing a school roleplay for my and QuartzyGlacier...
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    Like 80% Of Guys

    Story of most guy's lives.
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    End Of the World

    This is hilarious. (Warning has swear words in it.)
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    Staff Laughs

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    Away For A Bit

    Hey so guys for the next week or two I won't be on like at all. Doing some stuff with my computer because I have to keep learning about computers it's like essential to me being alive. And I know most of the stuff about Windows computers so I got a giant 800 page book on Ubuntu and I am going to...
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    Brace Yourself

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    This is how _Smokescreen_ flirts with the ladies. xD You're welcome Smoke.
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    I'm Sure We Can All Relate

    Morning thoughts. That's all I need to say.
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    Gamemode Sky Factions

    So I had an idea to mix Skyblock, Skywars, and Factions. Yes, I know Factions is coming out and we have Skywars. Hear me out. When starting out your Faction you would have your own island. All islands are in the same universe. The islands could be like 20x20 or something like that. Then you...
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    Forums Forum Theme

    Earlier I created a thread between some different themes we could use on the forums the two that came out at the top was the one we have now and Intrepid, the link for Intrepid will be below.
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    MC Age

    Ok, little pet peeve of mine which I don't get whatsoever. How come whenever someone is like 16, 17, 18+ then people are like "You play mc and you are that age? Eww." Then I'm just like. "Wut". I'll probably be playing MC for a long time still and yes, probably even after I am 20. More people...
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    lol So True

    This video is so accurate I am sure we can all relate... xD
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    Best. Video. Ever.

    This video is just perfect. 10/10
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    Project Thanks!

    Hey I created a project to honor all of my friends like MusicWarrior_XY did. People who were in this project (I am so sorry if I missed you!) QuartzyGlacier BreeziEmoji NutellaMacaroon MysticMusician Candygirl246 Gamingwithinessa SuperiorMadds SuperiorNerdy SuperiorSkittle MissDark Trenly...
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    Forums New Skin for Forums

    So everyone I was looking around at some new skins that could be used for the forums. and so I have a couple I think are nice and you can stick some in the comments and I'll add them to the polls. Keep in mind even if skin does get voted top it's still Zaino's decision on whether or not to...
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    My Story As Well

    As Viperstrike and XV_Scorpion_VX did I decided to share my story. Mine is different from what they went through but I know many people have or are dealing with this. So my story begins when I was young and didn’t know the consequences of my actions. It started through some bad influence by my...
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    This Video is Priceless

    Ok, so I just watched this video on YT the beginning isn't extremely interesting but as the story progresses it gets funnier and funnier.
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    What even...

    (Warning swear word in the post not in the video though) What the heck is this video... I don't understand the german but still... like wut?
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    This is so true it's sad...

    This describes life perfectly.
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    Cya - rip Emily & Darien 2k16

    Well, everyone this time was due to come someday... I and Emily have had many great memories on the server. With each other, other people, and on our own. Although, the time has come. I want to stay. The thing is I need to figure something's out. I have made many great friends on the server as...
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    Thought you all may like to see how I am doing on the animation side.