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  1. NoHaxJustJambo

    Declined Elder Guardian Boss Battle - Level 44

    Hello! I have built level 44 of the Jigsaw puzzle map! You have to defeat an Elder Guardian (Who has strength) In 1 block deep water. There is also parkour to get the high ground If more screenshots are needed please tell me! Hope ya like it :)
  2. NoHaxJustJambo

    Jigsaw Level 44 (Very Hard)

    Right... This is my 3rd thread about this... The last 2 got declined... so i made this one SUPER HARD! There is parkour to get to it, but you have to find the parkour! Shelves - Yes Mob - Zombies Aim - Find the hidden button Will you be able to do it? - Of course :D... (When you do it...) THIS...
  3. NoHaxJustJambo

    Jigsaw Level 44 (Improved)

    Hey!!! This is my lvl 44 for jigsaw! My last thread got declined... So i improved it! Hope you like it! images -
  4. NoHaxJustJambo

    Jigsaw Level 44

    Hey!!! I have built a creepy library themed parkour, for Level 44 on the jigsaw gamemode! Length - Very short Difficulty - Easy How many rooms? - 2 Hope you like it! Images -
  5. NoHaxJustJambo

    Parkour Tree Parkour

    Now I know what you're all thinking... HEy FirEdRagOn We AlReaDy HaVe A TreE ParKOur... We don't... Its biomes parkour you're thinking about... So I Made one! (This took me 1 week to make... pls don't give hate xD) Name - Tree Parkour Checkpoints - 8 Length - Long Difficulty - Easy Map made by...
  6. NoHaxJustJambo

    Skyblock New MockingJay Island

    I think the MockingJay Island on skyblock, is quite like the Capitol... Because MOCKINGJAY is the top rank... i think there should be a BIG difference... So i made one! Link to images - Ores Inside - Yes Tree - Yes (Just Added) - if need to upload image of it please...
  7. NoHaxJustJambo

    Survival Games Wood & Cobblestone blocks in chests

    I think that Wood & Cobblestone blocks should be added into chests. :) I think this because, usually in a game with only 6 people... Deathmatch Comes quickly... In a space of 60 - 100 Seconds, its hard to find a weapon... so i think because you can craft gold, iron, and diamond swords... Why...
  8. NoHaxJustJambo

    Survival Games Mob spawners/Eggs in chests

    I think there should be Mob spawners/eggs in the chests, because i think it would make the game a bit more fun! Thay would follow you around & help you kill people that aren't on your team! :) the eggs could be from Wolf eggs to Creeper/Hostile mobs! The downside with this.. Is that it could...
  9. NoHaxJustJambo

    Parkour Yellow parkour

    Hey! I'm showing you guys my NEW parkour! Its called Yellow Parkour, Because we have a blue, red and green parkour. So i thought, Why don't we have a yellow? So i Decided to build one! Hope you enjoy it! Builders - X_FireDragon_X Length - Short Checkpoints - 2