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  1. rayado56


    What did you need to tell me Mr_Incredibuz?
  2. rayado56

    Fixed Sky wars rank bug

    You have to wait for Zainos to set your rank in skywars, when he's on ask him if he can change it
  3. rayado56

    I'm cursed by "him."

    That could be a Texture pack
  4. rayado56

    A few things to help the PvP server.

    I like the Ideas 1-8, 9 and 10 I dont really like
  5. rayado56

    New Game for HHG

    Oh and that There will be more Classes Like Assassin, Dwarf but only for Donaters :3
  6. rayado56

    New Game for HHG

    I think we should add a RPG Server, it would bring in more people into the server, but It'll probaly need custom plugins like one that summons bosses every few hours, custom enchantments, classes including: Archer, Mage, Guardian, and some other ones, but It'll also probaly need some custom...
  7. rayado56


    I like the kid Idea, and It hurts my eyes too .-.
  8. rayado56

    Fixed Skins

    This is a bug, but It's not the server's bug, It's a minecraft but, eventually the minecraft creators will fix it
  9. rayado56

    I'm done with this.

    I think you should calm down Zombie, this isnt a messed up server, If you actually play Factions, HG, Parkour, and All of the other Events and Minigames, You'll have alot of fun, but if you think this is a crappy server, thats your opinnion, alot of people donate and vote for it, so I dont know...
  10. rayado56


    Cuz I wanted to show you Gieco in Real MC Life =(
  11. rayado56


    2003 Get on now! Pls =)
  12. rayado56


    Don't Know if I spelt Gieco right though...
  13. rayado56


    XD XD XD XD :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. rayado56


    15 minutes can save you %15 or more =)
  15. rayado56

    Why is the server down?

    I like the colors of ''Member of Happy Hunger Games'' and It's not down anymore
  16. rayado56

    Oh My Goodness O:<

    He has Zainos skin but with a red arrow not blue! O:<
  17. rayado56

    When will plots reset?

    They'll reset Someone in This month, because Zainos Said This month is when HUB is comming out :D
  18. rayado56

    Top Voter

    You know Itzmenick, Im looking at alot of your posts, and You gotta stop being rude to people.... :| :| :| :| :roll: :roll:
  19. rayado56

    ok this fight is done

    lol golden apes XD
  20. rayado56

    Is the server down or something?????

    Maybe Zain and Cookie are making the hub, and It's down for me too.
  21. rayado56

    Is anyone's minecraft Not working?

    And Idk what migrated means :P
  22. rayado56

    Is anyone's minecraft Not working?

    My minecraft isnt working for some reason, Is it happening to someone else? Because I tried to login in and It said that My account was migrated. :|
  23. rayado56

    [poll] Should we Reset the Nether?

    Dont reset it! I have like 7 spawners there and It took me along time to get the money for them.
  24. rayado56


    First of all, It's just a game and you shouldn't be mad, Second of all, I lost my castle, All my mob heads and 150k worth of spawners, but I still play, And Third of all, The server had a Huge Drop party and you Could've gotten More than what you owned in it. :roll:
  25. rayado56


    O: I want that so badly :D So I can get everyone's head >:)