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New Game for HHG


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I think we should add a RPG Server, it would bring in more people into the server, but It'll probaly need custom plugins like one that summons bosses every few hours, custom enchantments, classes including: Archer, Mage, Guardian, and some other ones, but It'll also probaly need some custom weapons that you can trade for stuff that Bosses Drop, if you like Idea, tell Zainos about it =)


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I think instead of becoming an RPG Server as whole, we could have a separate server with many worlds, we could do an outland area. It looks kinda like the end, but with a normal terrain on the islands. The mobs there are high lvl though. :p Then the Ender Dragon in the end will be the ultimate boss, but instead of it "Just being in the end" we can add a ender fortress (the final dungeon) and the middle chamber of it is a HUGE chamber... which contains the final boss... the ender dragon!

Also, maybe the players could have a different start area depending on class? (Because I had an idea, we could make the class "Hell-being" which is pretty OP and available to Jr. Mods. They start out in a special part of the nether!)

The nether will probably have the most dungeons, since it's the perfect place to put them. ;)


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Sorry our developers are busy with making more things for SCB and cops and robbers.
so, maybe another time