• Note: We are accepting any kind of map. However, we are specifically looking for Jigsaw Levels and Parkour maps. Therefore, your arena may have a higher chance to be accepted if it's for once of those game-modes, as long as it meets our Map Criteria.
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Declined Green Hill Zone 1v1 Arena by Yamae and FineTuning

Would you like this to be a 1v1 arena?

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • No

    Votes: 5 62.5%

  • Total voters


Hello fellow HHGN players today I'm here to show a map that Yamae and I have been working on. Its a sonic themed map.. I hope you guys like it!


Well-Known Member
I like how you have built different levels for players to pvp, however, I think this theme would work much better as a parkour map. I don't like the checkered look to the ground and the border. I know you want it to look pixelated but imo it just looks rushed and could be improved much further. I like the style of the waterfall however the pool of water it falls into just looks unnatural.

Sorry but I don't really like this map at the moment.
I agree with TheSpeedyTurtle right now. The Theme is a great idea. But as said this would work good as a parkour map :)

I did not like this map very much, Sorry.


Build Team Leader
Build Team Leader
The theme is lovely, reminds me of Sonic a lot (not sure if it was intended to be Sonic related)
But right now it's very basic and plain.


Owner, Founder and Lead Developer
Staff Manager
The theme is lovely, reminds me of Sonic a lot (not sure if it was intended to be Sonic related)
Green Hill Zone = The 1st stage/level you play in the classic Sonic the Hedgehog.
Do you even Sonic bro?


I love sonic, but I think this map would be better suited to parkour as others have said. The walls and floor are a quite bland and plain. While the waterfall is cool, the pond could use more work. I would have expected the trees to be taller and have the draping leaves in the style of a palm tree like the ones in the actual game. I'm sorry, but this map has been declined.