X-Run Update!

X-Run is now even better with several improvements and awesome additions to the gamemode!

  • New Stats System
  • Better Arena Selection System
  • New Scoreboard
  • Leaderboards on our Website!
  • Spectating Mode- Right click your compass to watch a game already going on!
  • Added New Arena: RIVER!


New Game-Mode: Speed UHC!

  • Speed UHC is similar to normal Ultra Hardcore Mode, but sped up so everything happens faster and games are finished more quickly!
  • Games last a maximum of 25 minutes, with PvP beginning at 5 minutes and Deathmatch at 15 minutes.
  • Constant Speed II effect
  • Fast Enchanted Tools! When you craft a wooden tool, you will receive an enchanted stone version.
  • Animals drop cooked food.
  • Mined ores drop smelted ingots. Just mine away!
  • Increased Drop Rates for mobs. For example, skeletons are more likely to drop bows and arrows when killed.
  • And more!

UHC is Back with some New Features!

  • New Scoreboard
  • Added 20 New Kits!
    • Warrior– Start with a stone sword, and a full set of leather armor
    • Archer– Start with a bow, 4 arrows and 4 feathers
    • Trader– Start with 15 emeralds to trade with villagers
    • Acrobat– Start with a pair of Feather Falling X diamond boots
    • And Several More!
  • New Stats System
  • New Team System- Right click the name tag and select a wool color to choose your team!
  • New Lobby
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Fixes


We hope you enjoy all these new updates!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff

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