Yes! After some time, we are finally announcing a Super Craft Bros Tournament! From the 26th thru the 28th of January, all Super Craft Bros matches played will count towards the Tournament Leader Board. The player who achieves the most matches won during that period will be the ultimate Super Craft Bros Champion! The tournament is in a few days from this post creation, so make sure to use this time to practice if you never played or aren’t experienced at Super Craft Bros! The Tournament starts exactly the Friday 26th of January at 1:oopm EST and ends the Sunday 28th of January 23:59 EST.

General Information:

  • In order to participate, just hop to the Super Craft Bros server and try to win as many games as you can during the 26-28th of January.
  • VIP Classes WILL BE DISABLED during the Tournament in order to offer a fair experience for everyone.
  • GEM & DEFAULT Classes WILL BE ENABLED! So make sure you have all the classes you need ready to be used before the Tournament starts!
  • If two players end up having the same amount of matches won, the player who has most kills will get a better position in the scoreboard
  • Any type of stat boosting will get you disqualified and banned.
  • Live Leader Boards:
  • Teaming is allowed but up to two players team. (More is banneable). Nevertheless, only one player can win per game.
  • Dueling (1v1s) don’t count towards your stats.


  • 1st Place: PANEM RANK + 5000 Gems + 10 Common Treasures + 10 Rare Treasures + 10 Legendary Treasures
  • 2nd Place: PANEM RANK
  • 3rd Place: MOCKINGJAY RANK + 2500 Gems + 10 Common Treasures + 10 Rare Treasures
  • 4th Place: CAPITOL RANK + 1000 Gems + 5 Rare Treasures +  5 Legendary Treasures
  • 5th Place: PEACEKEEPER RANK + 500 Gems + 5 Common Treasures + 5 Rare Treasure

Good luck to all participants!

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