Creative Update! New commands – /p sethome, /grief + major expansion to the head database!

A few updates have been done in Creative. Two new commands have been introduced – /p sethome allows visitors to visit where you want them to and /grief allows you to get rid of everyone who is trusted/added since you might of added the wrong person! Above all sponsors+ got a major expansion of the head database which now allows you to access over 5000 heads on /hdb

3 New SkyWars arenas! Tree Village; Ancient Forest and Space!

Tree Village: Built by the HHGN Build Team

Space: Community Map by Tesel

Ancient Forest: Community Map by pofoma

7 New Parkours added! Floor Is Lava; Mushroom; Grass; Nightmare; Mirror; Farm and Volcano + Dungeon 8 has been revamped to Tower Parkour!

We now have a total of 52 Parkours on the network! Check them out at /Parkour!

Floor Is Lava: Built by the HHGN Build Team

Mushroom: Community Map by CrepeCat

Grass: Community Map by pofoma

Nightmare: Community Map by SamThePugMC & TomZoom99

Mirror: Community Map by Senzii

Farm: Community Map by Senzii, Moung_Bricoleur & Keknek_Bricoleur

Volcano: Community Map by Keknek_Bricoleur

Tower: Community Map revamped by Senzii & Keknek_Bricoleur

As you may know, Dungeon 8 which has been revamped to Tower parkour, had three enduring towers to tackle. Now we are introduced to one awesome but tough tower!

2 New SCB arenas added! Hobbit and Candy Isles!

Hobbit: Built by the HHGN Build Team

Candy Isles: Community Map by Cubix Constructions

1 New Mobarena map! Plants VS Zombies! Community Map by SamThePugMC

Kit PvP Update! NEW Arena: Skylands + NEW 1v1 arena: City! Also a brand new kit – Fisherking and Farmlands map revamp!

We are excited to announce a new kit added to Kit PVP: Fisherking! Use its trusty fishing rod and Percival’s sword to slay your way to victory along with slapping people with your knockback X fish. The Farmlands has also had a revamp to specifically aid people with their FPS and combat efficiently.

Skylands: Community Map by EPICMATT88

City: Community Map by Cubix Constructions

Farmlands REVAMPED: Built by the HHGN Build Team

Skyblock Update! 2 NEW Skyblock Islands + new features!

Two new Skyblock islands have been added to the Skyblock Treasure Hunters to give an even more unique experience to The Happy Hunger Games Skyblock. Apart from some big fixes here and there, you now have access to /is value which allows you to see how many points the block you are holding will give towards your total island level. New island settings are also available on your island via /is settings

Small updates/Bug fixes

In other news, the anti-cheat has been updated and bug fixes have been made. If you spot ANY bug, specifically a false positive in the anti-cheat make a video – report at
More updates along the way as we progress through this year’s summer so stay tuned!

-The Happy Hunger Games Staff Team

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