Hello fellow Happy Hunger Games players, welcome to a brand new year and we hope you have a fantastic time ahead on the server! Recently we’ve added a fair amount of new maps to several gamemodes as well as a few new lobbies. Apart from that we have introduced a HUGE cosmetics update and other server updates along the way!

NEW Maps for Parkour, Skywars and MORE including updates!

In Hitman 2 brand new maps have been added! As well as that we have introduced a new feature regarding finding your target! Due to how we have noticed that players can easily camp in certain areas for long a duration of time, eventually causing the game to go on for much longer than expected, every minute you will receive a message from the cardinal the location of where your target has been sighted!
Apart from that, we have decided to change when deathmatch will commence in a hitman game. Instead of 2 hitmen, it has been changed to 4 hitmen.

Talvinen: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Wonka: Built by The HHGN Build Team

With the new parkours out, there are now a total of 59 parkours! Check them out at /parkour

Mystic Mine: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Slime Parkour: Built by The HHGN Build Team

In Skywars, apart from the new maps, a new feature has been added! Use a magical egg that when thrown, it generates a rainbow bridge from where you have thrown it to where it lands; use this to your advantage or create amazing structures while playing!

Imaginations: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Fungi: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Modern: REVAMPED by The HHGN Build Team

In PVP, 5 brand new 1v1 Duel Arenas have been added. Some perfect for duelling due to the flat land!

Mushroom: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Royale Arena: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Mesa: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Farm: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Sideways City: Built by The HHGN Build Team

NEW Lobbies for Jigsaw, X-Run and Hitman!

Hitman Lobby: Built by The HHGN Build Team

With Jigsaw, apart from the new and splendid lobby, 2 new levels have been added to Jigsaw which creates a total of 45 current levels as well as a new informative scoreboard on the right side! This displays whether you’ve completed jigsaw, total deaths and the current level you are on.

Jigsaw Lobby: Built by The HHGN Build Team

X-Run Lobby: Built by The HHGN Build Team


You can now summon Legendary Pets in both the creative server and the main hubs! We have created over 40 legendary pets for you to try and collect, and these include famous Pokemon such as Pikachu, Mudkip and Bulbasaur; cute animals; memes; and a whole other variety for you to try out! These pets include their own animations, are unique to the server and are custom designed. You also have the option to preview these pets!
Collect ’em all!

Several SKYBLOCK updates! NEW Starter Islands and MORE!

We have revamped the starter islands for each and ever VIP rank on the server including the default islands (If you don’t want to restart your island to see them, there’s a preview in each rank information page at our store)! With the default islands you have three options to choose: Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty islands; in case you wanted an extra challenge, choose hard difficulty! This only includes a chest of items on one piece of bedrock. That’s it!

Also in the Skyblock Updates, we have balanced out the Treasure Hunter: Skyblock Edition. A lot of mediocre items have been removed (such as soul sand, bat spawn eggs, etc. since some are either pointless or too easy to obtain through regular gameplay) and more rare items have been added, specifically to Legendary Treasures.

In order to balance out the Skyblock economy, we have disabled wither skeletons from spawning from skeleton spawners when placed in The Nether as well as nerfing how fast Iron Golems spawn from Iron Golem Spawners. Finally a new hologram has been added at Skyblock Spawn displaying the top 10 island levels to which we have created a Skyblock Leaderboard section, which you can visit here at http://www.happy-hg.com/skyblocktop100/.

Other Server Updates

On other news, Creative’s /p add command now works as intended (instead of working exactly as /p trust, which has been the case for months) and the “Capitol -> Mockingjay” rank upgrade package has been reduced from $50 to $40 USD!


We hope you had a very merry christmas and a splendid new year! From us to you all we hope you have a great year ahead on the server. Stay tuned for more incredible updates!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff Team

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