Yes, after more than 5 years, we have finally decided it was time to add a new VIP rank to the server, only for those players who wish to support our server a step forward. Being completely optional like the other ranks, this new rank called “Panem” offers unique & original perks in every game-mode, some of them never seen before!

Why named Panem? (Hunger Games Lore) After the death of Alma coin and the fall of the Capitol, Panem was left headless. Become the new president of Panem and bring back the republic and peace to Panem!

And of course, if you are Capitol or Mockingjay and wish to upgrade your rank, you can do that and avoid paying the full price! You can do that at the Rank Upgrades section of our store:

That said, feel free to take a look of the new rank perks below:

This Rank Includes:

  • All Mockingjay Bonuses
  • The prefix PANEM in RAINBOW in All Servers
  • An awesome welcome message and firework is launched when you log-in so everyone knows that you joined!
  • Access to an extra monthly reward of a different, exclusive cosmetic every month plus 1 extra Legendary Treasure!


  • You can vote up to four times at all Hitman Lobbies!
  • Access to the Policeman kit

Mob Arena:

  • Access to the God Class
  • Access to the Snow God Class


  • Access to use VoxelSniper, a very useful terraforming tool!
  • Access to have UP TO 50 PLOTS AND 50 VIP PLOTS! Woah! So many plots!
  • Access to customize even more your plots with custom-made furniture! Just do /furniture to browse 150+ unique pieces of furniture! You will feel like you are playing a Minecraft version of The Sims thanks to this amazing perk! Example of Furniture:

Survival Games:

  • Access to /disguise Command! This powerful command will disguise you to a random player during the first 60 seconds of the game, in order to avoid being targeted!

Survival Games and Solo Survival Games:

  • 3000 Extra SG AND Solo-SG Coins

Draw It:

  • Access to Extra Time to draw your word! A total of 120 Seconds!


  • Ability to FLY! Explore any Parkour with /fly
  • Access to the Arcade Parkour
  • Access to the Shunshine Cove Parkour
  • Access to the Illusions Parkour

Super Craft Bros:

  • Access to the Mega Man Class
  • Access to the Link (Breath of the Wild) Class
  • 3000 Extra Super Craft Bros Gems


  • Ability to set your very own personal checkpoint with /setcheckpoint anywhere and anytime!


  • Access to the Soul Devourer Kit
  • Access to the Legend Kit
  • Ability to vote on the next map change with /nextmap
  • Access to a permanent 10% discount when buying any kit! You will save A LOT of coins thanks to this perk!
  • 3000 Extra Kit PvP Coins

Sky Wars

  • Access to buy the Bob The Builder Kit
  • Access to buy the Medic Kit
  • 3000 Extra Sky Wars Coins

Ultra Hardcore & Speed Ultra Hardcore:

  • Access to the Necromancer Kit
  • 3000 Extra Ultra Hardcore Coins

Hub and Creative:

  • Access to the FestiveDragon Legendary Pet
  • Access to the Boxer Legendary Pet
  • Access to the Tiger Cub Legendary Pet
  • Access to the Wither DJ Platform Gadget
  • Access to the Paintball Gun Gadget
  • Access to the Nyan Mount
  • Access to the Deal With It Emote


  • Limited World Edit access, using your inventory as a fuel for placing blocks! Build your island way faster thanks to this amazing perk!
  • Ability to instantly smelt ores when put in the furnace
  • Access to set a second island home Do /is sethome 2 to set it and /is home 2 to warp to it anytime!
  • Extra items in chest: 1 diamond ore, 1 diamond pickaxe, 128 redstone, 128 lapis lazuli, 64 gold ingots, 64 iron ingots, 32 emeralds, 32 diamonds, 128 grass blocks, 128 glowstone blocks, 10 cakes, 1 diamond sword, 1 iron helmet, chestplate, leggings & boots, 1280 cobblestone and 1 enderchest
  • Panem’s exclusive island:


Get the rank at our Store!

Enjoy, and thanks to every player who have donated to the server so far, thanks for making it possible for Happy-HG to stay online for an incredible 5 AND A HALF YEARS and more to come!

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