Hello again to all the Happy Hunger Games players, it has certainly been a while! In the past few months we’ve added a fair amount of new maps to several gamemodes, had some major server updates, and made a few changes to how you experience HHG.

NEW Maps for many gamemodes!

In PvP, 2 brand new maps have been added as well as a new duel arena. We also got rid of the famous “grim reaper bug”, and made several improvements to the anticheat. In addition to that, we have also added two new kits!

  • Panacea: A scientist, a medic, a potions master. He spent years trying to heal others, but in the end only healed himself. His years of study have made him immune to every type of potion. Only a blade or a bow can stop him now.
  • Ballista: Its vast knowledge in Artillery allows them to operate a heavy, yet powerful Ballista: an ancient weapon that has the power to destroy even city walls without hesitation. Prepare, aim, FIRE!

Icebound PvP: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Essence PvP: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Blossom Duel Arena: Built by SampaiMC

With the two new parkours that have been added, there are now a total of 64 parkours! Check them out at /parkour

Summer Parkour: Built by iiJam

SkyPark Parkour: Built by The HHGN Build Team

In Skywars, three new maps have been added. Get a group of friends and hop into a game!

Candyland: Built by The HHGN Build Team

DesertOcean: Built by The HHGN Build Team

CityStreets: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Jigsaw now has a level 46! Are you clever enough to beat it? Find out for yourself at /jigsaw

Jigsaw Level 46: Built by The HHGN Build Team

SCBB has new maps and a new event mode! Keep your eyes open for the new 20-player event mode. This new mode features an all-out brawl between 20 players, with the last man standing winning the prize!

SCBB Event Map: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Virus: Built by JxstCharli

A new SG map has also been added! A classic map with many hidden chests, and strategically placed traps. Will you be the winner?

Erethdor Forest: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Server Hardware Upgrade!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to HHG for making these server upgrades possible! Because of your generosity and support, we were able to upgrade our servers to better, faster, and more modern equipment. Although this was a huge amount of work, and took a lot of time, we hope it will keep everything running smoothly for years to come. Thank you once again to each and every one of you, and a very special thank you to the recent Panem donators who made this possible!

Summer Sale and Other News

Currently, we also have our annual Summer Sale going on! For a limited time only, take 25% off everything in the store. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Finally, we want to let you know about some very important changes to how updates, changes, and server information is announced. From now on, we will no longer be posting large updates here at happy-hg.com. Instead, each update will receive its own individual post as soon as it is released. In addition, we will be bringing back our Facebook page and our Twitter page. We will be posting all server news, updates, and more on all of our social medias, and on the main website. With the revival of these social media platforms, you can expect not only more frequent news updates, but also giveaways of ranks, tokens, treasures, and more! Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all of HHG’s latest news.

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff Team

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