After months of hard work, we are finally proud to announce that we have released the awaited HITMAN Game-Mode!

Hitman is an unique PvP Game-Mode based on Assassin’s Creed. The idea of the game is that you are a Hitman who needs to kill an assigned target before the hitman who is chasing you kills you. You will only be able to inflict damage to your target, and stun (Give Slowness and Blindness effects) to your chaser in order to scape from it. The Deathmatch will begin when there are two Hitmans left, so they will be given a compass to track and kill each other. The last survivor wins! You will also gain Hitman Coins with your kills and wins that you will be able to exchange for new Kits and in-game power-ups by trading with the Black Market. In every arena there will be one Black Market villager which you will be able to right click and trade your coins for useful gadgets to facilitate your Hitman task. You will also be able to buy Kits at the Lobby by right clicking your nether star. Furthermore, VIPs get special access to awesome and unique Kits with their rank, the ability to join full Hitman Servers and more voting weight!

In other news, we have released a major performance update in our Creative Server and added a new Survival Games Arena (Colors, built by the REKT Build Team) and an arena revamp (San Andreas, revamped by the REKT build team).

Enjoy the updates and may the Hitmans be ever in your favor!

– Zainos



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