We are excited to announce the addition of a NEW GAMEMODE to the network! SOLO Survival Games! As the name says, in SOLO Survival Games you can’t team! Randomized Events allow you to play Survival Games matches disguised as Youtubers, Staff members, Zombies, and other funny stuff that will make sure you are unable to team! Earn coins by killing other tributes, winning games, completing achievements or at our store at store.happy-hg.com! The normal hunger games maps and pre-game shop are included just as in normal survival games. Lastly, new Leaderboards have been added to the website so you can rank yourself against other players!

Additionally, a HUGE update has been made to Skywars! Enjoy larger games in new and improved maps! Many new features and mechanics have been added to the Game-Mode allowing lots of fun customization in your games! You can now customize your spawn glass color, add particle trails on projectiles you throw, and add particle effects around your player! Spectate your friends in game with the new spectate game feature, and once killed in game, you can stay and watch the match until it ends. While you wait for a game to begin, you can vote for many in-game features to make the match more interesting! Vote for time of day (day, noon, dusk or midnight), weather (sun, rain, thunderstorm or snow), jump boost type (normal, high, super or god) and even the chest type (basic, normal or OP chests)! Finally, you can now also purchase the Skywars Kits for life so you can select and use them before any game you like!

King of the Ladder (KOTL) has undergone a new update including a new arena to play in! New powerups have been added to the map for even more exciting gameplay!

In other news, a new VIP Feature has been added to creative! Use /hdb to access hundreds of custom heads to use in your builds. Select skulls from various categories including blocks, decoration, devices, mobs, characters, food, alphabet, colors and Youtubers all within an easy to use menu! There is a search feature to find exactly the head your build needs and you can scroll through the pages of the menu and simply browse to find your favorite skulls! Furthermore, a new spawn has been added to the Admins World available to Mockingjays+!

Some smaller updates have been done on Kit PVP and Hitman. In Kit PVP, new hidden parkours have been added to each map! Complete the parkours each day to receive a special EXP bonus to help you level up! The parkours are very well hidden, so you will need to be very attentive to find the entrances! Also, new 1 v 1 arenas have been added to kit pvp for better mano-a-mano matches, and new rewards have been added to skilled players who reach high kill-streaks! Next, in Hitman, two new maps, Rithmere and Vault101 (revamped), have been added to the Gamemode! Additionally, several small bugs have been fixed.

Finally, some sweet updates have been made to the Customization Menu! Apart of now being able to use the customization menu at the Creative server, several new mounts and particles have been added as well as awesome new DJ gadgets! The DJ Gadget can be purchased with Herobrine, Wither, Astronaut, Enderman or God variables, all which have their own special customizations, dancers, effects and features! All new items may be purchased at store.happy-hg.com

We hope you enjoy all of the new features and updates!

– The Happy Hunger Games Network Staff

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