Multiple Maps Update! SkyWars, SCBB and X-RUN!

Throughout time on The Happy Hunger Games Network, we are always improving the quality of our maps for your pleasure; we don’t just provide brand new maps for multiple gamemodes, but also revamped maps! Not only did we revamp a SkyWars map, but we have a new SCBB and a new X-RUN map!

Nether Skywars Arena: Revamped by The HHGN Build Team

GoldrushTeams Skywars Arena: Built by The HHGN Build Team

The map above is a unique arena that, instead of spawning on your own, you spawn with 2 players. This creates the opportunity for you to either create an alliance with that other player or go against them!

RuralVillage SCBB Map: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Toad’s Factory X-Run Arena: Community Map by Senzii and Keknek!


HUGE Skyblock Update! Multiple NEW Quests, /hdb IN Skyblock, magic cobblestone generators and so much more!

New commands, market re-balance and new quests

Over the recent days, Skyblock has been getting updates left, right and center! The first update being a re-balance in trades at the Skyblock Market! For example, to acquire animal spawn eggs, you must collect glowstone. Not only that, but an additional feature was added along with the Skyblock Market, and that was the ability to purchase over 9600 heads! You can also use the command /hdb in Skyblock to make things easier for you when purchasing any head from the head database! You also have the ability now to “[i]” or “[item]” to display your held item in chat!

A few other commands were also added to Skyblock! Not only were /sit and /lay added, however you now have access to /bm just like in creative to customise your own banner! We’ve also converted challenges to quests! You can use the commands /q and /quest to display the GUI of the over 80+ quests now available in Skyblock! The new quests that have been added were (Quests listed in order of their categories):

Farmer: Glass Melter
Builder: Primarina Aquarium, Tinkerer
Nether: Light Miner, Wart Farmer, Flint Sling, Ghost Buster
Producer: Coal Miner, Snow Farm, Cocoa Bean Farmer, Flower Shop Owner
WorldFood: Argentine Asado, Sushi
SkyblockPro: Pro Explorer, Alchemist, Within The Light, Head Collector, One Small Favour
Cook: Golden Cook, Recipe For Disaster
End: Obsidian Miner, Daredevil

As well as for the above new challenges, a brand new category has been added too!
Legendary: Playing with explosions, Zoo Owner, Dragon Slayer

Skyblock Spawn Makeover, Magic Cobblestone Generators, new island biome and more!

To start off this list of awesome updates for Skyblock, we added a new biome to /is biome and that biome was flower forest! Skyblock spawn got a huge makeover with new holograms to make it easier for beginners, new NPC’s such as the Island Manager to manage your island, the Quest Master to see what quests you have completed or want to complete and Gandalf who will provide a tip if right clicked! There has also been scoreboard & hover-chat feature improvements.

Magic Cobblestone generators were added to Skyblock to provide a more unique experience! Use the random ores you mine up for multiple purposes. Not only that but a brand new category has been added to the store! Head on over to to check out all the new goodies which include more Skyblock resets and multiple commands!

Last but not least, a brand new feature has been added to the Skyblock Nether! Loot chests! Explore the Nether as you uncover chests containing a wide range of items, both common and extremely rare items that may be useful to you at any time!

That’s all we have for now, but do always stay tuned as more updates are along the way this autumn!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff Team

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