BIG Kit PvP Update! 5 Brand new kits, new command /nextmap, bug fixes and more!

Just recently, 5 brand new kits, thanks to Trenly and zCastawayz for helping with some kit ideas, have been added to Kit PvP! Below is a list of the new kits:

– Deadpool: This superhero known for his quick wit will not hesitate to slice you with his katana! Although his red suit can be pierced easily, his superhuman regeneration makes him hard to kill!
– Paladin: This noble warrior is ready to sacrifice his life to defend the kingdom! With the power of magical, blessed weapons, he will make sure to provide death to all who oppose him!
– Slimeking: You are the king of slimes! Your strong, slimey skin, not only will protect you from foes but also it will let you to temporarily, reflect all damage done back to your enemies!
– StormCaster: These powerful seers, known as StormCasters, have the ability to control the skies as they want, causing destructive storms to anyone they consider a foe, which can wipe you out in seconds…
– WorldGuardian: Sent by the god known as Guthix, from Gielinor, this powerful warrior is ready to do whatever he needs in order to return the balance to this world. Due to being the chosen one, his strong connection with the gods allow him to reach max powers, including temporal invulnerability to any incoming damage!

Also with the new command /nextmap you are able to see how long it is until the next map AND what map it will be! There has also been the new addition of a random map feature for Kit PvP duels! Furthermore, several bug fixes have been made and minor tweaks have been done to some kits in order to offer a balanced game-play for all players.

HUGE Maps Update! Skywars, Hitman and Parkour maps!

2 New Parkour maps have been added to the server: The Lab and Worksite!

We now have a total of 54 Parkours on the network! Check them out at /Parkour!

Worksite: Community Map by Keknek_Bricoleur, Senzii AND Moung_Bricoleur

The Lab: Community Map by EPICMATT88

3 New Skywars maps have been added to the server: Overgrown, Windmill and Trains!

As well as new maps being added to Skywars, due to community request, a new Kill-Count feature is now on Skywars!

Overgrown: Built by the HHGN Build Team

Trains: Built by the HHGN Build Team

Windmill: Built by the HHGN Build Team

1 Brand New Hitman map: Frosted Central! Built by the HHGN Build Team

As well as the new map, a new kit has been added to Hitman: Demo Man! Apart from that, a lot of kits have been re-balanced in order to offer a fair game-play to all players!
Demo Man: This Hitman likes explosions. However, he got bored of TNT so he developed some other curious devices that will explode the crap out of you, watch out!
– Special Ability: Magical arrows that spawn a creeper when they land!

In Other News:

The Bridges have been temporarily removed. They may come back, if the community wants it, with the release of Arcade in the future! So be sure to stay tuned for that.

Finally, The Happy Hunger Games Network has now officially got a Discord! If you would like to join the official HHGN Discord, use this link:

Also, you can get a FREE RARE TREASURE once you join it, as a celebration of the release of the Discord!

We all hope you enjoy these amazing updates, and more is sure to come on the way!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff Team

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