Creative Competition Results AND Creative Updates!

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Creative Competition! We had over 700 entries and many of them were very good. Thank you to the Build Team Leader, Trenly, who spent many hours judging each and every entry! After a lot of consideration, and some very close scores we finally have the results!

  • 1st Place: EPICMATT88! Winner of MOCKINGJAY RANK + 100,000 HHG Tokens + 20 Legendary Treasures!
  • 2nd Place: xFrites! Winner of MOCKINGJAY RANK + 50,000 HHG Tokens + 10 Rare Treasures + 10 Legendary Treasures!
  • 3rd Place: xImperfection! Winner of MOCKINGJAY RANK + 25,000 HHG Tokens + 10 Common Treasures + 10 Rare Treasures!
  • 4th Place: Sock_Guy101! Winner of CAPITOL RANK + 10,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Rare Treasures +  5 Legendary Treasures!
  • 5th Place: Dynamic_Digital! Winner of PEACEKEEPER RANK + 5,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Common Treasures + 5 Rare Treasures!
  • 6th Place: Pandano! Winner of SPONSOR RANK + 2,500 HHG Tokens +  10 Common Treasures!
  • 7th Place: Keknek! Winner of CAREER RANK + 1,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Legendary Treasures!
  • 8th Place: LynMaster2000! Winner of TRIBUTE RANK + 1,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Rare Treasures!
  • 9th Place: SoftMC! Winner of MEMBER RANK + 1,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Common Treasures!
  • 10th Place: aestheticmarlin! Winner of 1,000 HHG Tokens!
  • Honorable Mentions: (They all won a Common Treasure)
    • iiJam
    • iBallisticStitch
    • yus_corgi
    • Myystery

Once again thank you to everyone who participated! All the winners have been given their respective prizes. Many of the entries qualified to be added to our SkyWars server, so be sure to watch for new maps coming out soon! We hope you enjoyed this competition and would love to hear your feedback on the forums!

Apart from the competition, several NEW features have been added to Creative! This includes the ability to sit anywhere with /sit, The ability to lay anywhere with /lay; Members+ get access to the command /speed # which allows you to fly super fast between picking the numbers 1 to 10. The Head database for sponsor+  with the command /hdb as we know is constantly getting updates with new heads being added all the time, and now we introduce a total of 9267 HEADS!

Another HUGE UPDATE has been added to creative! MINECRAFT 1.12 BLOCKS AND ITEMS ARE NOW COMPATIBLE WITH THE CREATIVE SERVER! If you have ever wanted to be able to use any 1.12 blocks or items in creative, you can now do that! You must be in the correct version to see the new blocks meaning, if you haven’t already, update your Minecraft to the latest version. Click here for a tutorial on how to downgrade or upgrade your Minecraft version.

Kit PvP Update! Insta-kill void and more!

A few features for Kit PvP have been introduced with one of them being the Void now instantly kills you for a quick death. Another new feature which has been long awaited by the community – Stat Resets are now purchasable! Use this link to purchase a Stat Reset Token and use that token in game to reset your stats (this includes Kills, Deaths and Experience)! There have also been the usual bug fixes here and there.

Apart from that, a new Kit PvP Duel Arena has been created – Frosty Forest!

Frosty Forest: Community Map by EPICMATT88 & EWB_ALEX88!
Frosty Forest

MAPS Update! Skywars and Parkour Maps!

Apart from the incredible competition that was hosted in Creative, the HHGN Build Team made a new Skywars arena! Also, a few more Parkours have been added to the Parkour server making a total of 57 at /parkour!

Icy Streams: Built by The HHGN Build Team
Icy Streams

Canyon Parkour: Community Map by keknek!

Dropper Parkour: Built by The HHGN Build Team

Tomb Raider Parkour: Community Map by _Smokescreen_!
Tomb Raider

Katniss Everdeen Rewards – DAILY and MONTHLY at /hub!

From the legendary Mockingjay herself – Katniss Everdeen brings to you some cool and amazing rewards! This includes a daily streak system to earn HHG Tokens and a monthly rewards system which includes HHG Tokens & Treasures ranging from Common to Legendary! Use these rewards at either Treasure Hunter which is located in either hub or Skyblock with it’s Treasure Hunter: Skyblock Edition! or use the HHG tokens in the Customization menu to use cool gadgets and pets in the Hub or Creative! Also so you do not forget, if you have ever missed and forgotten to get a reward, Katniss will remind you in the hub!

Katniss Everdeen Rewards

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the summer at The Happy Hunger Games Network! Lots and lots of updates have been happening and more is sure on the way as time goes by through autumn so stay tuned!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff Team

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