– Several Bug Fixes
– New “Quality of life” fixes such as instant respawning and respawning on checkpoint instead of at parkour start
– New informative scoreboard (Can be toggle off with /toggle if you don’t want it)
NEW MODE: TIME TRIAL! Unlike Normal mode where your checkpoints stay forever, on time trial you start from the beginning of the Parkour and the idea is to complete it as fast as you can! If enjoy speedrunning, this mode is perfect for you!
– Parkour Menu improvements, now showing personal best times and world record times for each parkour!
– New Parkour ALL Pass subscription available at our store! Have you ever wanted to get access to all parkours in our server without having to own all the VIP ranks? Now you can! With this Pass, you can unlock access to
ALL 68+ PARKOURS, and get extra perks such as early access to parkours, permanent unlocks and more!
For more info check out our store: https://store.happy-hg.com/category/57477

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