It’s been a while since the last time we posted here so we decided to do it more periodically (Sorry!). The latest months, a lot of things have been going on in the Network, many new updates have been done which we are going to specify below, but by far the most important thing is the release of a BRAND NEW GAME-MODE! X-RUN! If you like to Parkour, then this new mini-game is perfect for you! Hop on the server and challenge other players in intensive high-speed parkour races, and see who is the best Parkourer out there! There are more than 20 INITIAL MAPS to check out, and more being added with time! Check out X-RUN and upgrade your Parkour experience to a new level! Have Fun!

Furthermore, here are some of the biggest changes and updates that have been done in the network the latest months:

Hub and Creative:

  • New Feature! Treasure Hunter! More information HERE
  • New Currency! HHG Tokens! More information HERE
  • New Gadgets!
  • New Pets!
  • New Mounts!
  • New Particles!
  • New Disguises!
  • New Cosmetic! Hats!
  • New Cosmetic! Wardrobe!
  • New Cosmetic! Emotes!
  • New Feature! Speed!
  • It’s Halloween time! Brand new Halloween Lobby!

Super Craft Bros:

  • Bug Fixes
  • New Scoreboard and game interfaces
  • New Arena! Dream Land
  • New Arena! Rubik
  • New Arena! Icy Crater
  • New Arena! Islands

Mob Arena:

  • New Lobby!
  • New Arena! Gladiator
  • New Arena! France


  • New Arena! Italian
  • New Arena! The Maze


  • MAJOR UPDATE! For more info do /update
  • Bug Fixes
  • You can now write signs with colors!
  • New custom island creation system
  • Huge performance Improvements
  • New Commands and features!
  • New Scoreboard
  • New Warping system
  • New Challenges
  • New Skyblock PvP arena!
  • Brand new Skyblock Spawn!

Draw It:

  • New words added to draw!
  • New Lobby!


  • New Parkour! Dreams
  • New Parkour! Frozen Valley
  • New Parkour! Sprint
  • New Parkour! Reppord
  • New Parkour! Tutorial
  • New Parkour! Islands
  • New Parkour! Wipeout
  • New Parkour! Ice
  • New Parkour! Enchanted Forest

Kit PvP:

  • New and better Duelling system! Kit selection and more!
  • New Scoreboard!
  • New Feature! Kit Previews
  • New Feature! Health Indicators
  • New Feature! Teams!
  • New Feature! 2vs2 duels!
  • New Feature! 3vs3 duels!
  • New duel arenas!
  • New Stats and Leader-board
  • 6 New Kits! EnderMage, Flash, Link, Thor, Aang and Herobrine!
  • New Arena! Islands
  • New Arena! Desert


  • New Arena! WinterHold
  • New Arena! Castle Square
  • New Arena! ShipWreck
  • New Arena! Jade Prominence
  • New Arena! Volcanic
  • New Arena! Frozen Tundra
  • New Arena! Magic
  • New Arena! Abandoned
  • New Arena! Nightmare
  • New Arena! Treasure Island

Survival Games and Solo Survival Games:

  • Bug Fixes
  • New Better spectators tools!
  • New Deathmatch arena!

Definitely a lot has been going on! Make sure to check all the new features out if you haven’t already! Enjoy!

– The Happy Hunger Games Network Staff

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