Today is a very special day for the Happy Hunger Games Network: Believe it or not, today is our 4th birthday!!

In order to celebrate this awesome milestone, we have decided to do a BIRTHDAY SALE! YES! Just for today we will have a huge discount of 20% IN ALL OUR PACKAGES AT OUR STORE! Check out our store right now here!

But that’s not all! We will be doing a lot of fun events and giveaways through this day while we are working in a HUGE special surprise that will soon be released late this month!

We would like to say a HUGE and deep thanks to the whole Happy Hunger Games community, since it’s thanks to you guys that we made it this far! To be honest, if it weren’t because of the community, we wouldn’t be online right now! Seriously, thanks for sharing all these years and memories with us and for the awesome support and love that we have received all these years <3 We are really proud of what we have reached so far and we plan to continue this impressive project for many, many, years more! Happy Birthday Happy Hunger Games Network!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff!

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