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Vote for our server to in order to get amazing rewards! Every time you vote in all the 3 links, you get 1000 HHG Tokens! These can be exchanged for cosmetics at Hub or at Treasure Hunter! Treasures contain EPIC cosmetics rewards as well as lot of extra features for ALL SERVERS! There are more than 500 rewards to unlock! Up to and including:

Treasure Hunter: Hub
  • VIP Ranks: From MEMBER, to PANEM! You can get ANY VIP Rank from Treasure Hunter!
  • Game-Modes Coins: Get Coins for every Game-Mode as well as more HHG Tokens to spend in epic cosmetics!
  • Game-Modes Perks: Get exclusive perks for some Game-Modes, only found at Treasure Hunter!
  • Gadgets: Use these fun gadgets to maximize your experience at the Server! From exploding creepers and rockets, to disco balls and DJ platforms! The possibilities are endless!
  • Pets: Summon a loyal and cute companion that will follow you through the Server! There are more than 40 pets to unlock! Gotta catch them all!
  • Mounts: Ride a magical block-transforming mount today! Flying mounts, steeds that summon minions, mighty dragons, The Nyan Cat itself, and more!
  • Emotes: Express yourself! Show the world how you're feeling with these unique and animated Emotes & Gestures!
  • Hats & Wardrobe: Wear these fashion hats and clothes and show your ultimate swag to the players! There are tons of hats and clothes to choose from, including animated ones!
  • And More!
Treasure Hunter: SkyBlock Edition
  • HHG Tokens & Treasures: Get HHG Tokens and multiple treasures for use in Treasure Hunter: SkyBlock Edition!
  • Different Blocks: Diamond, Quartz, Gold, Emerald, Grass, Cobble, Sand, etc.
  • Useful Items: Enderpearls, Portals, Cakes, Spawn Eggs, Notch Apples, etc.
  • Unique Stuff: Named & enchanted items, Monster Spawners, Special Heads, etc.
  • Special Abilities: Access to huge and Unique Islands, commands such as /fly, /hat, /feed, /enderchest, etc.
  • And More!
Also, every month we give away FREE VIP RANKS to the TOP 3 VOTERS of the month!
(Rank Up means that you are ranked up X times in the Ranking Ladder. This means that if you are Default rank and you result to be the Top Voter, you would be ranked up thrice, to the CAREER rank. (Default -> MEMBER -> TRIBUTE -> CAREER). Therefore, If you are SPONSOR and result to be the Top Voter, you would be ranked up to MOCKINGJAY rank! For More info about all our VIP Ranks click here)

Note: You CANNOT receive the VIP Rank PANEM through the Ranking Ladder! MOCKINGJAY is the highest you can be ranked up in through the Ranking Ladder.

Vote 1: Planet Minecraft

Vote 2 : Minecraft Multiplayer

Vote 3 : Minecraft Servers.org
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