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How to Change your Version of Minecraft

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Guides and Server Help' started by Trenly, May 13, 2019.

  1. Trenly

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    May 20, 2014
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    HHG Supports many different versions of Minecraft, all of them from 1.8.9 and up! Some of our servers however, work best in newer versions. In creative and skyblock, for example, you will be notified in chat if you are not using a version higher than the one we recommend for optimal gameplay. You may also find you want to downgrade your version of minecraft, as after new versions are released there are often bugs that we need to fix. Downgrading your version can help ensure your experience is as smooth and fun as possible. In order to change your version of Minecraft, simply follow the steps below!

    Step 1: Open your Minecraft launcher.
    This first step really is as easy as that! The example below is what you should have. If you are still on the old launcher, you should uninstall and reinstall minecraft so you have the latest version of the launcher.


    Step 2: Where to change your Minecraft version.
    Next, select "Launcher options". By default you will see "Latest Release" which cannot be changed, therefore, we need to add a new launch profile. To do this select "Add new". It should bring you to this screen:

    This guide is here to show you how to change your version, so most of the options can be ignored. You should only change these if you know what you are doing. We will only be changing the name and the version. First, type in a recognizable name for the profile. Since I am downgrading from 1.14.1 to 1.12.2, I will name my profile "1.12.2". Once you have a name chosen for your profile, click on the drop down box and select the version you wish to play.
    After you have selected a version, click the green "Save" button at the bottom. You should now see your new profile in the list.

    Step 3: Launch the new version
    The last step is to actually launch Minecraft. To get back to the main screen, click "News" at the top of your screen. Now, the launcher will still be on the latest version, and so we have to tell it to use our new profile. Click on the small button next to play that has the green arrow on it, this will bring up a list of all your profiles. Click on the one you just created.

    Now, take a look at the play button. It should say the Minecraft version, followed by whatever you named your profile. Click "Play" and the launcher will start running your selected version of Minecraft.
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