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Creating Player Shops on Skyblock

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Guides and Server Help' started by Trenly, May 13, 2019.

  1. Trenly

    Trenly Admin and HHGN Build Team Leader Admin

    May 20, 2014
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    On Skyblock, you have the ability to create your own player owned shop. However while trying to make one, you may have gotten stuck on how to use certain features or how to customize your shop. Well you've come to the right place! In this guide you'll learn step-by-step on how to create your very own player shop.

    NOTE: If you find this tutorial confusing, you can watch a video tutorial by clicking here!

    Step 1:
    The first thing you need to do is to place a chest where you would like your player shop to be. Once you have placed the chest type the command /createshop.
    The first thing you will notice when you run the command, is that a villager appears on-top of the chest. This villager signifies it is a shop.

    Step 2:
    To enter the shop GUI, right click while sneaking! When you first look at the main shop menu you will see this:
    As you can see it is empty. You can also see some features to the right hand side with the anvil, wool and bone. These are your customization features! Clicking on the anvil allows you to rename your shop; clicking on the wool allows you to change the appearance of the shop and clicking on the bone deletes it.

    To add items into your shop that you are going to sell, you need to put them into your chest. To do this, exit the shop GUI and simply open the chest. For example, this is what I put into my chest:

    Step 3:
    The next thing to do is to choose what items you want in exchange for the items you are selling. With player shops you are able to include two items; however, you MUST have those items in your inventory. To do this you have to enter the shop GUI, click the item you want from a player and click underneath the item that you are selling. Below is an example I made:
    As you can see I have a diamond and iron ingots in my inventory so I was able to use them. I could have also, for example, clicked the iron and clicked underneath the diamond to indicate that you would need to give a diamond and iron in order to get the jukebox.

    You may have also noticed there are numbers assigned to the items. You can increase or decrease the quantity by left clicking or right clicking. Holding shift and left/right clicking increments/decrements in 10's to make it easier instead of spamming to get to 64 of an item.

    Final step:
    This is more of a check to make sure you have done everything right. Below is what you would see if you right click the shop:
    As you can see I named the player shop "My Shop" using the anvil and that I have done the setup correctly as it shows you need to give 2 iron ingots for 8 dirt.

    You also have the ability to get rid of every shop you have created at once with the command /clearshops

    And that's the end of the tutorial! I hope this was useful to you and that you will create awesome shops for players!
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