• Read Before posting!

    > This forum is NOT for telling us who to punish! It is used for people who have been wrongly punished and would like to get Unbanned or Unmuted. If you came here because you indeed broke the rules and would like "a second chance", this forum is not for you! Instead, you are free to Purchase an Unban/Unmute Fee.
    > Furthermore, you can appeal your punishment ONLY if it has been less than two months since your punishment happened. Otherwise, it is considered outdated and you lost your chance to appeal!

    > To make a dispute create a new thread and title it:
    • (Name)'s punishment dispute
    > Copy and paste this: (and answer the questions):
    • In Game Name:
    • When did you get punished:
    • Any reason why you have been punished:
    • Why do you think your punishment should be lifted:
    Once you created your Dispute, BE PATIENT! Due to the amount of ban disputes we receive, it may take some time to be reviewed. MESSAGING ANY STAFF MEMBER REGARDING YOU PUNISHMENT DISPUTE STATUS WILL CAUSE IT TO BE DELETED! Furthermore, if your dispute has been declined and you make another one, it will be instantly deleted
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Punishment Disputes

Appeal your ban or mute here!
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