• Read Before posting!

    > All threads require proof (Screenshots or videos), if you can not prove it then your thread will get deleted.

    > Your thread will also be deleted if you fail to use the template given OR if you CROP any of the screenshots proof given.

    > Please regarding video evidence submitted, make sure they are at Normal FOV, default Texture Pack and no Speed Effect involved if possible, or your report may be declined!

    > Any evidence that is 2 weeks or older is considered outdated. Furthermore any evidence which you provide that is considered inconclusive will have a 7 days limit for you to provide extra.

    > Need help on how to create a sufficient player report? Click here to take a look at our step by step guide!

    > To make the report, create a new topic titled:
    • (Reported name) - Reason
    > And they must include these Information:
    • In Game Name:
    • Reason::
    • Proof:
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Player Reports

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