Hi Players! Welcome to the Happy Hunger Games Build Team Applications Section!

The Happy Hunger Games Build Team is a building team specializing in building high quality and fun maps for the Happy Hunger Games Network. They work on big projects for released and upcoming unreleased Server Game Modes.

Are you a Good Builder? Would you like to support the server? Then Apply for Builder! If your application gets accepted, you will be promoted to Builder Rank. This ranks includes ALL MOCKINGJAY RANK PERKS (See perks at store.happy-hg.com), plus the ability to warp and build in the unique Build Team world. In this special world, you will also be given special building tools like World Edit and Voxel Sniper so you can build easier.

Apply here: bit.ly/HHGNBuildTeam


Q: Are there any requirements?

A: No there aren’t. Anyone can apply!

Q: Do I get paid for being a Builder?

A: No, this is a voluntary job. However, we usually reward Builders with lot of in-game bonuses like Game-Modes Coins, free pets, gadgets and mounts, etc. Also, keep in mind that ALL BUILDERS have at least all Mockingjay rank perks + Access to Build Team World where they can bypass any banned item restriction and have full access to World Edit and Voxel Sniper.

Q: I applied, when will I hear back?

A: We get A LOT of applications, it’s not possible to reply to everyone. Only successful applications will hear from us, so check out periodically your Discord as our Build Team leader will contact you in case you get accepted. The Dead-Line is 2 weeks, so if you didn’t receive a response within that time it means your application has been rejected.

Q: Can I ask Staff member or Builder about how my application is going?

A: No. They do not know how your application is going, so asking them in game will actually HURT your chances of becoming a builder, as it shows you aren’t too good at the whole reading thing 🙂

Please note: If you send your application multiple times because you believe it will increase your chances of it being accepted, it will be rejected. Please ensure your application is exactly as you want it, and contains everything that you want it to, before submitting it. If your application is successful, you will be added by the Build Team leader themselves at Discord, so remember to check your Discord periodically!

Q: If the Dead-Line of 2 weeks is over and I have got no reply, what does it mean?

A: Unfortunately, this means your application has been rejected. However, you are allowed to re-submit an application once a month if you believe you have improved your Building skills and you are ready to be part of the HHGN Build Team.

Good Luck on your application!

Apply here: bit.ly/HHGNBuildTeam