After a long time, we are excited to announce a building competition here on HHG! Show us this month how good your building skills are, by making an amazing SkyWars arena, plus get a chance to win cool prizes, ranging from VIP ranks too HHG Tokens and Treasures! Plus, on top of that, your arena could feature in our server and you may even get invited to join our build team!

General Information:

  • In order to participate, just hop to the Creative Server, and do /competition to be teleported to the building competition plot world, or just enter the portal that you will find in the creative spawn
  • The competition world will be open til September 1st, 2017, and the judging phase will start after that. Winners will be announced in the week.
  • Each participant will get one plot sized 255 blocks by 255 blocks.
  • Adding and trusting players to your plot is disabled
  • All participants will be able to use World Edit for this competition. Here’s a quick guide in case you don’t know how to use this amazing tool.

Theme: SkyWars Map

  • Make an 8-16 player SkyWars map which could be featured on the server!

Entry Requirements:

  • Entry must be completed by August 31, 2017
  • Map must be made for 8, 12, or 16 players.
  • Islands must be an equal distance from each other
  • Islands must be an equal distance from the middle
  • Do not build the glass tubes that players spawn in. Instead, mark the spawn locations with a beacon.
  • Make sure all spawn locations are evenly spaced and at the same height.
  • Each spawn island must contain a minimum of two chests, and a crafting table.
  • The middle island must contain an enchantment table, and between four and eight chests.
    • Note: If there is an enchantment table on each spawn island, there does not need to be one in the middle

Tips and Tricks:

  • Add islands or a ring between the spawn islands and the middle, specially if the space between islands is big. It makes your map look more professional.
  • Make sure the map is detailed! Detail is a key element of every build. Just be careful not to add too much
  • You don’t need to put items in the chests, the plugin does that auto-magically!
  • If you want to use chests as decorations, but not have them be filled, use trapped chests!


  • 1st Place: MOCKINGJAY RANK + 100,000 HHG Tokens + 20 Legendary Treasures
  • 2nd Place: MOCKINGJAY RANK + 50,000 HHG Tokens + 10 Rare Treasures + 10 Legendary Treasures
  • 3rd Place: MOCKINGJAY RANK + 25,000 HHG Tokens + 10 Common Treasures + 10 Rare Treasures
  • 4th Place: CAPITOL RANK + 10,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Rare Treasures +  5 Legendary Treasures
  • 5th Place: PEACEKEEPER RANK + 5,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Common Treasures + 5 Rare Treasures
  • 6th Place: SPONSOR RANK + 2,500 HHG Tokens +  10 Common Treasures
  • 7th Place: CAREER RANK + 1,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Legendary Treasures
  • 8th Place: TRIBUTE RANK + 1,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Rare Treasures
  • 9th Place: MEMBER RANK + 1,000 HHG Tokens + 5 Common Treasures
  • 10th Place: 1,000 HHG Tokens

We would like to wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see some truly amazing builds!

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