Have you recently been muted by CONSOLE? If you have well, let me explain. The reason CONSOLE is muting you is because we have implemented a new system that ensures the well-being of the community. It currently abolishes a majority of profanity, spam, and advertising. (Of course, there are bypasses or glitches, we have staff and player reports for this very reason!)

This is still being worked on and more is being added on daily. CONSOLE has been doing a fantastic job keeping everyone safe with a huge decrease in profanity. But, it’s not all joyful. Sometimes you may say a word that you do not notice has a swear in it, or you get randomly muted from a word that does not even have a swear! Well, assist us! We have received several reports of issues with it, but no one has provided valid proof to assist us.

What proof do you need, Chris?
1. We need the last message(s) you sent, which can be found by clicking your CHAT button and the up arrow to find your last, or latest, message(s)..
2. A screenshot of the mute broadcast. We know the broadcast may be displayed a couple of times, this is minor and will be fixed eventually.
3. Your in-game name.
> Here is the required template for assistance.
> In Game Name:
> Your last message(s):
> The mute broadcast:
> In Game Name: imtotallychris
> Your last message(s): http://gyazo.com/93ed3804edcb69bd74659a62cbfc6882
> The mute broadcast: http://gyazo.com/5178e10c8c633766e2418c4ad9376258 & http://gyazo.com/1074c4cb2b096b09433b92f3f0aca1ed

Are you interested in helping us? If so please click this link for more information: http://www.happy-hg.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-system.8314/.

Hey guys,

If you have not noticed we have a NEW hub!  This awesome new hub was built by our amazing build team. The hub consists of multiple themes and it is gigantic! You will surely enjoy this one, it fills all of our awesome ideas. It is full of AWESOME mini-quests and secrets.. Can you find all of the secrets and the awesome secret staff hall?

That is not all! We have removed ALL lobbies and added a server-selector in the gui. Now you may directly choose what server you would like to join, no more annoying signs and AFK players! Just jump right into the portal or right click your compass.


Chris & Zainos


Hello Guys! As you may have seen, this month we have been doing a lot of updates and adding new stuff to some of our game-modes! If you are wandering, here’s the full Change-log:


  • Network fully updated to 1.8.3!
  • Major performance update! We have added a second Bungeecord Instance at our Network, powered by Redis software. This has let us to increase Network’s performance A LOT and clear all lag issues!
  • Increased Network’s MAX Player Slots to 1500!
  • Added a better MOTD and TAB Header and Footer :)


  • Bug Fixes
  • Added New Parkour! Blue Parkour! http://bit.ly/1zS8z5o
  • Added ability to toggle player’s visibility at Parkour Server


  • The Customization Menu is Back! Now with all bugs fixed and fully updated to 1.8.3! 😀
  • Added New Disguises AND Extra Effects to the Customization Menu! Check it out at the Hub server!
  • Added some nice Join-Titles explaining latest Server updates
  • Added ability to toggle player’s visibility at Hub Server

Sky block:

  • Bug Fixes!
  • Added a better /island top layout (You can now see ALL ISLANDS TOP instead of just top 10)
  • Added a better /island level layout (You can now see your global position!)
  • End Update! End now resets DAILY! So if you already fought the dragon and you would like to fight it again, just wait to the next day and the End world will be automatically reset and with a new Dragon born! Happy Dragon Slaying!


  • Bug Fixes!
  • New Levels! Now Jigsaw has 34 levels and we are adding even more!

Survival Games:

  • Bug Fixes!
  • Ability to Spectate Survival Games matches!

The Bridges:

Kit PvP:

  • Bug and Lag issues Fixed.
  • Changed Kills for Coins in order to avoid confusion of what are Kills and what are the Kit PvP currency :)
Enjoy the Updates!
– Zainos

Happy Birthday Happy Hunger Games Network! The Network is now three years old!

In order to celebrate this awesome milestone, we have decided to do a BIRTHDAY SALE! YES! Just for today we will have a huge discount of 30% IN ALL OUR PACKAGES AT OUR STORE! Check out our store right now here! http://store.happy-hg.com/

We would like to say a HUGE thanks to the whole Happy Hunger Games community for all these years of being together with us and to everyone for the awesome support and love that we received all these years <3 We are really proud of what we have reached so far and we plan to continue this impressive project for many, many, years more! Happy Birthday Happy Hunger Games Network!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff!

The Top Voters Of April Are:

  • Top Voter: KittyAli064 (188 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +3 Ranks In the Ranking ladder!
  • 2nd Top Voter: BachVonLocke (168 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +2 Ranks In the Ranking ladder!
  • 3rd Top Voter: TheAwesomePerson (166 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +1 Rank In the Ranking ladder!

Thanks to Everyone for voting! All the winners have been ranked up to their respective ranks! The votes has been reset, start voting today so you can be the top voter of the next month! Good Luck to everyone! Vote at http://www.happy-hg.com/vote

Hello Guys,

During the day of 17 of April of 2015 we’ll be performing a big maintenance in the entire network in order to update a lot of stuff.

Sorry for the inconvenience

The most waited PvP arena, the Jungle arena, is finally back and with an awesome revamp made by the Happy Hunger Games Network Build Team!

Explore the huge arena full of traps, boosts, Secret kits and more! Have a unique Kit PvP experience in this new arena! Try it right now by going to the PvP Server! And may the swords be ever in your favor!

In other news, we also added Leader Boards for PvP, Sky Wars and Survival Games which can be seen by clicking the buttons in the tab menu above. These Leader Boards are just a prototype and they will definitely be updated later with new stuff like pages and a search system 😉


– The Happy Hunger Games Staff


Yay! Helper Applications are now re-opened! You may apply for the rank here below. Please keep in mind our FAQ. Note: Applications are open for a limited time.

Apply here: bit.ly/HHGNApp


Q: Are there any requirements?

A: Yes! We now have requirements for staff:

– You must be 14 years of age or older
– Been on HHGN for at least 2 months (We can tell if you have been AFK!)
– You must be able to speak English.

Q: Do I get paid for being Staff?

A: No, this is a voluntary job. However, we usually reward Staff with lot of in-game bonuses like infinite pvp kills, free pets, gadgets and mounts, etc. Also mind that ALL STAFF RANKS have at least all Mockingjay rank perks.

Q: I applied, when will I hear back?

A: We get a LOT of applications, it’s not possible to reply to everyone. Only successful applications will hear from me, so check out periodically your mails. The Dead-Line is 1 month, so if you didn’t receive a response within that time it means your application has been rejected.

Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going?

A: NO. They do not know how your application is going, so asking a staff member in game will actually HURT your chances of becoming a helper, as it shows you aren’t too good at the whole reading thing :)

Please note: If you send your application multiple times because you believe it will increase your chances of it being accepted, it will be rejected. Please ensure your application is exactly as you want it, and contains everything that you want it to, before submitting it. If your application is successful, you will be asked to add Zainos to Skype so he can proceed with the Staff Interview, so its very important to have Skype too!

Good Luck on your application!

– The HHGN Staff.

The Top Voters Of March Are:

  • Top Voter: KittyAli064 (175 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +3 Ranks In the Ranking ladder!
  • 2nd Top Voter: sjcjmhkm (164 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +2 Ranks In the Ranking ladder!
  • 3rd Top Voter: xEmily (158 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +1 Rank In the Ranking ladder!

Thanks to Everyone for voting! All the winners have been ranked up to their respective ranks! The votes has been reset, start voting today so you can be the top voter of the next month! Good Luck to everyone! Vote at http://www.happy-hg.com/vote

REMINDER: To see your actual votes the current month you need to do /tokens balance and look at the tab saying “Monthly Votes”, NOT “Total Votes”. Here’s an example of it:



Somehow a major league hacker managed to enter our server database and did AN ENDLESS AMOUNT OF DAMAGE in our Network! He hacked our protections and firewalls and changed all the Server, FTP, MYSQL and SSH log-in credentials and MANAGED TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE HAPPY HUNGER GAMES NETWORK! We don’t know exactly what are his plans with the server but so far we found that EVERYONE HAS BEEN PROMOTED TO OWNER RANK! SO PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWERS UNTIL WE FIX THIS! They also played with the server files and modified lots of game-modes configurations so WATCH OUT FOR STRANGE STUFF!

The entire Happy Hunger Games Network Staff is working EXTREMELY hard to discover this hacker and fix all this mess, sorry for the inconvenience :(

– HHGN Staff