Yes! The most exciting Team PvP Game-Mode is finally out! The Bridges!

In this competitive PvP Game-Mode there are 4 teams that battle each other to see who is the best! You will have 10 minutes for you and your team mates to get resources within your island until the Bridges fall, this is when the battle begins. All islands and the middle will be connected by the bridges and PvP will enable. There will also be special loot in the middle so don’t miss it! The last team standing wins! Also, there are tons of arenas and kits for you to select at the beginning of the game, plus you have the option to purchase kits with Coins got by killing players and winning The Bridges or by purchasing them at our store. Don’t forget checking out our store at as there are more than 5 NEW VIP PERKS for VIPs at The Bridges!

Happy Bridging and May the blocks be ever in your favor!


Thanks everyone who applied for helper and congratulations to all helpers who recently got promoted :D

Furthermore, as we have enough staff members now, we decided to temporarily close the Helper applications til we are in need of more, so check out periodically because we will announce again here when apps get opened back!

– The Happy Hunger Games Staff

In Order to give EVEN MORE REWARDS to the players who vote for our server, we decided to create a whole new system based on “Voting tokens” in where you can vote for the server to get tokens which can be exchanged for awesome rewards in almost every game-mode! Here’s a full explanation showing how the new voting system works:

Vote for our server to get Voting Tokens! 1 Vote = 1 Token.

Voting tokens are a global currency which can ONLY be obtained by voting and can be exchanged by lots of Rewards in-game with the command /tokens store You can also do /tokens balance to check how many tokens you have. You can vote at each of the 6 voting links at every 24 hours, this means that you can get up to 6 voting tokens EVERY DAY! You can also get even more tokens by voting multiple days in a row, as you can build up streaks and unlock token multipliers. 1 Week Streak = 2x Tokens. 2 Weeks streak = 3x Tokens, and so on…

Also, there are Lot of rewards to the TOP 3 VOTERS of the month:

  • TOP VOTER gets Rank Up +3
  • #2 gets Rank Up +2
  • #3 gets Rank Up +1

(Rank Up means that you are ranked up +X times in the Ranks Ladder. This means that if you are a Default rank and you result to be the Top Voter you will be ranked to the [Career] rank. (Default -> Member -> Tribute -> Career) And If you are [Sponsor] and you result to be the Top Voter, you will be ranked up to MOCKINGJAY! For More info about VIP Ranks click here

In other news, we have also added 2 new Sky Wars arenas made by the awesome community of Happy Hunger Games Network:

1- Fruits, by ThunderstruckHR


2- Tea Party, by phoenixgirl


– The Happy Hunger Games Staff

The Top Voters Of February Are:

  • Top Voter: Badboy69 (135 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +3 Ranks In the Ranking ladder!
  • 2nd Top Voter: Fr3nch_Cat (115 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +2 Ranks In the Ranking ladder!
  • 3rd Top Voter: Legend_Plays_MC (108 votes) He/She Has been ranked up +1 Rank In the Ranking ladder!

Thanks to Everyone for voting! All the winners have been ranked up to their respective ranks! The votes has been reset, start voting today so you can be the top voter of the next month! Good Luck to everyone! Vote at

Yes! After a long time of waiting, Sky Block is finally released!

The main objective of this exciting game mode is to survive in a small island in the middle of the sky with the few resources you are given at first. However, the game-mode is made so it’s possible to get EVERY MINECRAFT ITEM within crafting, trading, challenges, trading to villagers or getting them from the nether and end worlds. You can also play alone or with friends in a party, the possibilities are endless! Develop your island as much as you can and become a Sky Lord!

So, what are you waiting? Enter the server and do /skyblock to begin your adventure!

– The HHGN Staff



As a continue to these Survival Games updates, we also added two new Survival Games Arenas! GTA: San Andreas and Futuristic City!

> GTA: San Andreas:


> Futuristic City:


In other news, we also fixed the bugs where you could break Item Frames and grief from dispensers and droppers in some SG Arenas.

As always,

– Zainy

Hi guys! We have lately been working on some Survival Games updates and Bug Fixes. We also added some few new VIP perks and the ability to get Survival Games Coins at our store:

The New VIP perks are the following:

  • Members now get 100 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE
  • Tributes now get 200 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE
  • Careers now get 300 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE
  • Sponsors now get 400 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE
  • PeaceKeepers now get 600 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE
  • Capitols now get 800 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE
  • Mockingjays now get 1000 Extra Coins ON IT’S PURCHASE

And Here’s the full Survival Games mini-update Changelog:

  • You can now see the WORKING leaderboards at all lobbies
  • Updated the /sg stats (Now displays KDR)
  • Added back Players and Viewers stats in scoreboard
  • Coins now display in the chat like before!
  • Added a win map for the winners with a custom server logo revamp (ATM It’s just a cake but u’ll see soon the server logo with a congratulations message)
  • Added Coins at the Server Store!

Hope you guys enjoy all these changes!

– The Happy Hunger Games Network Staff

After some days of maintenance, we have finally fixed all Kit PvP internal problems caused by the Name changes bug! As a surprice and thanks for the patience we have also added 3 NEW KITS:

  1. FluffyBunny: A bunny with strength, jump boost and speed, which is great for melee as it also has a magical carrot and some potions to stun enemies.
  2. ShadowSniper: An awesome kit ideal for players who like ranging. The Shadow Sniper is completly invisible with the exception of it’s black boots. It’s hard to spot him so it’s a great kit to snipe from a long distance and hide in the shadows to avoid being killed.
  3. Bowser: This strong kit represents perfectly Bowser, the Koopa King from the Mushroom Kingdom of the Super Mario Bros Game Series. Similarly to FireBender kit, Bowser has both melee and ranging weapons to set on fire players, plus a powerful bite to hit players with and the “Stomp” boots to knockback players away if the situation is turning too hard.

In other news, we also fixed some bugs with the /msg and /r plugin, which now works flawlessly, and added tab completion feature for both /msg and /find commands, so you can now find players easily :)

Thanks Again,

– The HHGN Staff

Applications are currently:  [CLOSED]

Yes guys, as you may know, we are in need of more Staff and having applications open for Mockingjay-only was not enough. Therefore, we have finally decided opening the Happy Hunger Games Network Helper Applications FOR EVERYONE!

Have you ever wanted to help out the server by being Staff, but you couldn’t do it because you weren’t Mockingjay rank? Well, now you can!

Apply here:


Q: Do I get paid for being Staff?

A: No, this is a voluntary job. However, we usually reward Staff with lot of in-game bonuses like infinite pvp kills, free pets, gadgets and mounts, etc. Also mind that ALL STAFF RANKS have at least all Mockingjay rank perks.

Q: I applied, when will I hear back?

A: We get a LOT of applications, it’s not possible to reply to everyone. Only successful applications will hear from me, so check out periodically your mails. The Dead-Line is 1 month, so if you didn’t receive a response within that time it means your application has been rejected.

Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going?

A: NO. They do not know how your application is going, so asking a staff member in game will actually HURT your chances of becoming a helper, as it shows you aren’t too good at the whole reading thing :)

Please note: If you send your application multiple times because you believe it will increase your chances of it being accepted, it will be rejected. Please ensure your application is exactly as you want it, and contains everything that you want it to, before submitting it. If your application is successful, you will be asked to add Zainos to Skype so he can proceed with the Staff Interview, so its very important to have Skype too!

Good Luck on your application!

– The HHGN Staff.

After a loooong time of waiting, finally the Creative Server has been fully updated to 1.8! This means that from now on, EVERYONE will be able to build and use the awesome 1.8 blocks and it’s features! It’s time to envolve the way of building and use the new swaggy 1.8 blocks!

So… what are you waiting? Log-in to the server right now (if you haven’t logged in yet) and head off to /creative to start your new building experience!

Lovs ya’ all,

Zainos, Zaimos, Mr. Z, Zanios, or wathever you want to call me <3